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To use the WcfCookieManager classes:

  1. Add a reference to the WcfCookieManager.dll assembly.
  2. Create an instance of the WcfCookieManager.CookieManagerEndpointBehavior class that is in a scope that is available to all your WCF clients.
  3. Add the instance of the WcfCookieManager.CookieManagerEndpointBehavior class to the EndpointBehaviors collection of the Endpoint property for each instance of your WCF client.


using WcfCookieManager;
CookieManagerEndpointBehavior cookieManager = new CookieManagerEndpointBehavior();

myServices.MyClient1 myClient1 = new myService.MyClient1();

myServices.MyClient2 myClient2 = new myServices.MyClient2();

In the above example, the myClient1 and myClient2 clients will share cookies across requests.

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